Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is central to our sustainability culture and mindset.

We minimise the environmental impacts of our packaging at every stage of its lifecycle by following our 3 Rs principle: Reduce, Recover & Re-Use. This approach has made a significant difference to our use of primary packaging material and our impact on the environment.

We continue to identify and capture incremental opportunities for packaging optimisation, driving innovation, our CSR agenda and ultimately cost reduction.

Coca-Cola packaged bottles | Փաթեթավորված Կոկա-Կոլա շշեր

Reducing packaging 

Minimising the amount of packaging we use is one of the most significant ways that we can reduce its environmental impact. In addition to using less material, this helps to reduce the carbon footprint of packaging throughout its lifecycle: from manufacture and transportation to disposal or recycling.  

Our PET bottles are among the lightest in the marketplace, weighing only 15 grammes they are a third lighter than their predecessors. The Ultra-Glass bottle, which uses a third less glass, is now used in Armenia and 16 other countries in which Coca‑Cola Hellenic operates. 

Coca-Cola glass bottles in red box | Կոկա-Կոլա ապակե շշեր կարմիր արկղում

Increasing recycled content

Our beverage containers consist mostly of recyclable materials: PET plastic, aluminium, steel and glass. Since these are among the most widely recycled packaging materials, another way we can reduce the impact of our packaging is to increase the recycled content in them. Our glass bottles already contain up to 80 percent recycled content. 

  • 98% of waste is recycled at our plant
Recycling plastic shreds

Reducing production waste

In addition to minimising waste from our beverage containers in the marketplace, we are increasing recycling and minimising wastes in our own bottling plant. In order to achieve this, we collaborate with licensed recycling organisations and governmental institutions.