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Sustainable business

    Sustainability approach

    We’ve worked consistently to integrate corporate responsibility and sustainability across every aspect of our business.

    Corporate responsibility and sustainability is an indispensable part of Coca‑Cola HBC’s culture. It guides our decisions and long-term investments to ensure we deliver lasting value.

    Our business strategy is built on the fundamental principle of creating and sharing value with all of our stakeholders: consumers, customers, communities, employees and shareholders. This defines how we run our business, carry out our activities and develop our relationships.

    We work with our stakeholders to identify the significant issues related to our business. Our sustainability commitments come from the linking of our material issues to our strategic priorities.

    The three strategic objectives at the core of Coca‑Cola HBC’s sustainability approach are

    • Promoting health & wellness
    • Minimising our environmental impact
    • Giving back to our communities
    2016թ Կոկա-Կոլա ՀԲՔ Արմենիա ընկերությունը միացավ ԱՄՆՄԶԳ-ին և ՀՀ ԲՆապահպանության նախարարությանը Հայանիստ համայնքում բնական ռեսուրսների կառավարումը բարելավելու և ստորգետնյա ջրերի օգտագործումը կրճատելու համար: 2016թ Կոկա-Կոլա ՀԲՔ Արմենիա ընկերությունը միացավ ԱՄՆՄԶԳ-ին և ՀՀ ԲՆապահպանության նախարարությանը Հայանիստ համայնքում բնական ռեսուրսների կառավարումը բարելավելու և ստորգետնյա ջրերի օգտագործումը կրճատելու համար:

    In 2016 Coca‑Cola HBC Armenia teamed up with the USAID and Ministry of Nature Protection of RA to improve management of natural resources and reduce groundwater extraction in Hayanist community.


    We minimise our environmental impact in the whole value chain through implementing, where appropriate, specific targets to:

    • Reduce our water, energy usage and produced waste
    • Drastically decrease our Green House Gas (GHG) emissions
    • Improve packaging, increase recovery and recycling, decrease waste to landfill
    • Source sustainably




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    We’re giving back back to our communities by:

    • Creating a positive socio-economic impact where we do business
    • Supporting community water and environment stewardship programmes
    • Implementing trainee programmes and partnering with educational institutions to address youth employment
    • Partnering with international organisations to provide emergency relief

    More about how we work with our communities

    Ultimately, our sustainability approach is translated into specific commitments that we aim to reach by 2020 or earlier.

    To build trust with our communities, at Coca‑Cola HBC we recognise the importance of a comprehensive governance framework that reduces risk across the value chain. Where appropriate, this makes use of the benefits of being part of the Coca‑Cola system.

    We are committed to strong corporate governance and leadership, as well as transparency in our disclosures. We regularly report on our progress against our ambitious strategies and long-term targets.


    We aim to run our business in a manner that is ethical, responsible and sustainable, adopting leading management systems and standards to help us continually improve our performance.

    Management systems

    In Armenia we implement internationally recognised management systems with regards to quality, food safety, environment, and health and safety. These include

    • Quality management (ISO 9001)
    • Food Safety (FSSC 22000)
    • Environment Management (ISO 14001) 
    • Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001)

    We are fully certified against all of these and we report our progress in our Sustainability report.


    Additionally, we follow leading external standards for managing, measuring and reporting specific issues. These include:

    • Greenhouse Gas Protocol - We calculate our greenhouse gas emissions data which is then submitted to the GHG Protocol
    • London Benchmarking Group (LBG) Model- We measure and report our community investment according to the widely recognized approach of the London Benchmarking Group 
    • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)- We report our progression in our Sustainability Report using this leading framework for sustainability reporting.

    Environmental monitoring

    At our bottling plant in Yerevan we monitor the following environmental parameters:

    • Power consumption
    • Water consumption
    • Total waste generated
    • Recycled waste
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    We proactively engage with our stakeholders to listen and to understand their insights into the issues that matter most to our communities and our business.

    Stakeholders are groups on which the enterprise has an impact and that, at the same time, have an impact on the enterprise itself. 

    Partnering with people, businesses and organisations that share our interest in a sustainable future and have a stake in our business is essential for our success. Engaging with our stakeholders strengthens our relationships and helps us make better business decisions to deliver on our commitments. 

    We are active members of our community, working with our customers, suppliers and other business partners across the value chain every day, as well as with government representatives, civil organisations, academia, intergovernmental organisations, local communities representatives and our consumers.

    • We work with local communities on sustainable solutions that support local sustainable development goals.
    • On Group level, we engage with a variety of international organisations and business associations such as the UN Global Compact and UNESDA, while as organisational stakeholders of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) we share experiences and learn from people from other companies and industries.
    • Through our partnership with The Coca‑Cola Company we have access to consumer insights globally and locally, and we also make sure our partnerships and actions related to sustainable development are in synergy with theirs.
    • We define stakeholders as people or entities that are directly or indirectly impacted by our operations, and who in turn also affect our ability to grow our business sustainably.
    • Our stakeholders include our employees, customers, consumers, suppliers, government, regulatory bodies and communities. We also engage with other organisations, such as NGOs, who represent the interests of our stakeholders. Once a year, we invite a group of stakeholders to a stakeholder forum to discuss issues of mutual interest such as health and nutrition, sustainable packaging, education, transparency and the direct and indirect economic impacts of our company operations.
    • Through regular interactions with our stakeholders we continuously learn and gain a more dynamic understanding of the issues that are most relevant to our value creation processes, and how we might improve our management of them. Along the way, we also hope to demonstrate transparency and accountability, earning our stakeholders’ trust.

    Globally Coca‑Cola HBC is rated against a number of major sustainability benchmarks, including Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI), CDP and FTSE4Good

    As part of the Coca‑Cola HBC group, we are also committed to being at the forefront of sustainable practice and performance in the beverage industry.

    djsi-main djsi-main

    Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI)

    Coca‑Cola HBC is the world sustainability leader in the beverage industry, topping the Dow Jones World and Europe Sustainability Indexes for beverage companies for three years in succession: in 2014, 2015 and 2016. We’ve been included in the DJSI every year since 2008 – recognition of our focus on continuously improving our sustainability performance. Launched in 1999, the DJSI is considered a global benchmark in corporate sustainability.

    More about Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes

    robecosam_sustawardleader_rgb_1200x675 robecosam_sustawardleader_rgb_1200x675


    Coca‑Cola HBC has been named Industry Leader – the top-performing company in the beverage sector – and awarded a Gold Class distinction in RobecoSAM’s annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment. RobecoSAM is a specialist in sustainability investing. The Corporate Sustainability Assessment focuses on examining financially material factors that impact a company’s core business value drivers. 


    ftse4good ftse4good


    Coca‑Cola HBC has been continuously listed on the FTSE4Good Index since 2001. This series of indices is designed to measure the performance of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange that demonstrate strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices.

    More about FTSE4Good


    vigeo-eiris-low-res-1 vigeo-eiris-low-res-1


    Vigeo has rated Coca‑Cola HBC since 2004; in 2015 we were also a constituent of the Vigeo Europe Top 120 Index. The Vigeo Group supplies analysis to asset managers, assessing companies' performance in sustainable development and social responsibility.

    More about Vigeo


    cdp cdp

    Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Indices

    In 2016, CDP awarded Coca‑Cola HBC an Global Climate A rating. CDP is a global not-for-profit organisation which provides a natural capital disclosure system through which companies report, manage and share vital environmental information.

    More about CDP




    ethibel ethibel

    Forum ETHIBEL

    We have been included in the Ethibel EXCELLENCE Investment Register since 2007. Forum ETHIBEL is an independent agency that advises banks and brokers on socially responsible investments, reviewing companies worldwide on their economic, social and environmental performance. ETHIBEL looks for companies that are social responsible entrepreneurship trendsetters in their sector and region.

    More about Forum ETHIBEL

    ecpi ecpi


    Coca‑Cola HBC has been a constituent of the ECPI Indices since 2010. ECPI is a leading rating and index company which has been dedicated to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) research since 1997.

    More about ECPI

    msci msci

    MSCI ESG research

    Coca‑Cola HBC AG has the highest Intangible Value Assessment (IVA) rating of AAA and is ranked in the top 18% in the industry.

    MSCI Inc. provides investment decision support tools to investors globally, including indexes, ESG data and research.

    More about MSCI


    We report our sustainability performance and progress against benchmarks and commitments

    reporting reporting

    Sustainability report

    We actively integrate the most up-to-date sustainability standards into our business processes across our operations, adhering to international standards and methodologies

    We provide full reports and other reporting documentation because transparency, trust and reliability are important to us. You can find some of our group-level integrated annual reports in the Reports area of the Group.