Stakeholder engagement

We proactively engage with our stakeholders to listen and to understand their insights into the issues that matter most to our communities and our business.

General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC Armenia, Christoph Speck shakes hand of Armine Hovhannisyan, the Director of Orran charitble foundation after signing MoU | Կոկա-Կոլա ՀԲՔ Արմենիայի գլխավոր տնօրեն Քրիստոֆ Սպեկը սեղմում է Արմինե Հավհաննիսյանի՝ Օրրան բարեգործական հիմնադրամի տնօրենի ձեռքը Փոխըմբռնման հուշագրի ստորագրումից հետո

Stakeholders are groups on which the enterprise has an impact and that, at the same time, have an impact on the enterprise itself. 

Partnering with people, businesses and organisations that share our interest in a sustainable future and have a stake in our business is essential for our success. Engaging with our stakeholders strengthens our relationships and helps us make better business decisions to deliver on our commitments. 

We are active members of our community, working with our customers, suppliers and other business partners across the value chain every day, as well as with government representatives, civil organisations, academia, intergovernmental organisations, local communities representatives and our consumers.

  • We work with local communities on sustainable solutions that support local sustainable development goals.
  • On Group level, we engage with a variety of international organisations and business associations such as the UN Global Compact and UNESDA, while as organisational stakeholders of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) we share experiences and learn from people from other companies and industries.
  • Through our partnership with The Coca‑Cola Company we have access to consumer insights globally and locally, and we also make sure our partnerships and actions related to sustainable development are in synergy with theirs.
  • We define stakeholders as people or entities that are directly or indirectly impacted by our operations, and who in turn also affect our ability to grow our business sustainably.
  • Our stakeholders include our employees, customers, consumers, suppliers, government, regulatory bodies and communities. We also engage with other organisations, such as NGOs, who represent the interests of our stakeholders. Once a year, we invite a group of stakeholders to a stakeholder forum to discuss issues of mutual interest such as health and nutrition, sustainable packaging, education, transparency and the direct and indirect economic impacts of our company operations.
  • Through regular interactions with our stakeholders we continuously learn and gain a more dynamic understanding of the issues that are most relevant to our value creation processes, and how we might improve our management of them. Along the way, we also hope to demonstrate transparency and accountability, earning our stakeholders’ trust.