Visit a plant

Ever thought how and where your favorite beverages are bottled? In our production center you will have a unique opportunity to see the creation of your favorite beverages – from a pre-form to a branded product.

Students look at production line | Ուսանողները դիտում են հոսքագիծը

Who created the most famous soft drink in the world? Has Coca‑Cola changed over 130 years? What are Coca‑Cola HBC and Coca‑Cola Hellenic Armenia like as companies and what do they want to achieve? You'll find the answers to these questions - and many others - at the outset of your visit to our Happiness Factory.

Are you curious about how the drinks bottled in the Happiness Factory are delivered to each and every corner of our country? Visit our warehouse, filled with a huge reserve of drinks, and see how these are sorted and prepared for distribution.