Christoph Speck, General Manager of Coca‑Cola Hellenic Armenia, has recently revealed the peculiarities of the company’s 23-year activity in the country, weighing in on their current projects and the role they play, as well as programs the company has implemented and the policies practiced there.

"Coca‑Cola Hellenic Armenia" is the leader in the field of non-alcoholic beverages in Armenia. Over the past 23 years, company investments have amounted to more than AMD 25 billion. What is in your opinion the secret to the success and sustainable development of the company over the years?

-People. There is no real secret to the success of a company but the difference between different companies is how much you care about your employees, your customers, consumers and the community you operate in – so the human factor. As Coca‑Cola HBC Armenia we focus on all 4 aspects of this equation and we also measure our progress in these areas through independent surveys to understand how we can further and continually improve.

Recently, an independent study of the company’s social, economic and environmental impact on Armenia has been published. What is the main benefit of such a comprehensive study for Coca‑Cola Hellenic Armenia? Will it help in defining the company’s strategy for the upcoming year?

-The SEIS study gives us, our partners and other organizations a better understanding of who we are and what our contribution to the economy, community and environment in which we operate is. The study itself doesn’t define the strategy but contributes to understanding it and is a good base to build the strategy.

The study thoroughly covered the company’s activity for the period of 2015-2017, taking into account the extensive value chain developed over the years. Are you satisfied with the results? What is the most striking indicator of economic impact that you are proud of?

-Yes, looking at the report, I think all employees, suppliers and customers of Coca‑Cola HBC Armenia can be proud – this is not just about us at Coca‑Cola, it is about an ecosystem of different entities creating value together. The fact that strikes me most looking at the report is the significance we have in Armenia: our presence and system create over 2300 workplaces and contributes over 0.21% of GVA, our fiscal contribution amounts to 0.47% of total taxes paid in the country.

Coca‑Cola is probably one of the most popular companies in the world, with products available in over 200 countries. Your portfolio is constantly expanding with new beverages. What can you say about Armenian consumers? Do our demands and preferences coincide with consumers' requests in other countries?

-Every country and its people do have specific tastes, preferences and demands. This shows in specific preferences for example in flavors or in packaging. We at Coca‑Cola provide in all countries a wide portfolio of different beverages in different packages to meet this demand and Armenia is no exception.

They say Coca‑Cola produced in Armenia is the tastiest one due to the quality of our water. Do you agree?

-The water in Armenia is of great quality and we all together need to work hard and care to preserve it like this.