Get answers to all your questions about Coca‑Cola with one click

Coca‑Cola Hellenic Armenia has introduced its new “Ask Coca‑Cola” platform – an interactive tool aimed at helping consumers find firsthand reliable information on the Company’s products, its history and activity in general. not only includes answers to the most frequently asked questions but also allows users to submit new queries if anything is left unclear.

“Transparency is one of the key values of our company. We care about our consumers and constantly put efforts in allowing them to voice their questions and learn more about our company and products. Our local and global websites provide comprehensive information on our activities in Armenia and worldwide. We also open our doors for plant tours allowing guests to explore the Coca‑Cola world on site. We are not stopping here and in short period we are going to open the plant doors to our consumers to have more entertaining and educational visits. With our new Ask Coca‑Cola tool we would like to go the extra mile, making it even easier for consumers and the curious ones to get answers at any time they want and wherever they are. Since winning with customers is at the heart of what we do, we would like to answer their questions and learn from their feedbacks as well”, - said Christoph Speck, the General Manager of Coca‑Cola Hellenic Armenia. website offers over 35 topics sorted in six categories – “Ingredients”, “Products”, “Quality”, “We in Armenia”, “History” and “Sustainability” as well as an “Ask a new question” tab for those who would like to know more. 

Coca‑Cola Hellenic Armenia is a subsidiary of Coca‑Cola Hellenic Company. It has been operating in Armenia since 1996, being the only authorized bottler of Coca‑Cola products in the country. The Company’s beverage portfolio includes Coca‑Cola, Coca‑Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, BonAqua, Burn, Powerade, as well as Fuzetea, Dobriy, Rich and Schweppes.