The main purpose of the Memorandum is to establish partnerships between organizations, to contribute to the provision of equal educational opportunities for young people in Armenia and to the improvement of educational systems by organizing and implementing various educational programs and activities.

The founder and CEO of “Teach for Armenia” Larisa Hovhannisyan highlighted the importance of open discussion of perspectives for the development and improvement of educational opportunities for all children and the youth. She also added that one or two organizations cannot provide a comprehensive solution to existing problems, that’s why it is more than necessary to work with both the government and corporate companies to find faster and more effective solutions.

“I would like to thank the whole team of Coca‑Cola Hellenic Armenia for their willingness and the opportunity to cooperate. I believe that such partnerships can really lead to positive and new changes in young people’s employment and in the development of their professional skills,” said Larisa Hovhannisyan.


“Youth development is one of the key directions of Coca‑Cola Hellenic Armenia’s corporate responsibility program. Youth development and the acquisition of appropriate professional and soft skills is an important prerequisite for sustainable economic development. As a major employer and industry leader, our company has extensive experience in terms of skills and competencies needed in business, and we believe our “Youth Empowered” program equips the participants with the skills necessary to discover their professional potential and develop successful careers. Realizing the importance of the issue, we are constantly striving to expand the scope of our partnerships and create new opportunities for project development. Using this opportunity, I would like to once again thank our colleagues from “Teach for Armenia” Foundation for the opportunity of this collaboration, which I believe will be effective and will serve our most important goal aimed at developing and supporting the youth” said Coca‑Cola Hellenic Armenia General Director Arthur Sahakyan.