On March 22, there was a special occasion at Orran Charitable Foundation: the team of Coca‑Cola HBC Armenia employees joined the Orran volunteers’ team.

Despite the fact that for recent years the number of children living in orphanages has decreased in Armenia, there are still more than 800 children who are either orphans (have one or no parent), or have both parents who can’t provide their family. There are eight orphanages in Armenia where these children are taken care of. However, orphanages are no substitute for family.

17 years ago Orran Charitable Foundation was established to divert socially vulnerable children from streets and provide them institutional support and engage in academic, cultural, and extracurricular activities. The organization also strives to reintegrate kids with their family members by tracking down relatives. Dozens of families were reunited due to social-economic support provided by Orran fundraising campaigns.


Coca-Cola HBC Armenia and Orran sign MoU | Կոկա-կոլա ՀԲՔ և Օրրանը կնքում են Փոխըմբռնման հուշագիր

Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company and Orran have a history that goes back 15 years. During these years, together they have changed the lives of thousands of children for the better. This time having in mind the importance of the well-being of society and youth empowerment Coca‑Cola HBC Armenia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Orran Charitable organization. Based on this new program Company’s employees will volunteer their time at Orran once per week during working hours and share their expertise to support further development of life skills and other capabilities that children of Orran require.

Coca-Cola HBC Armenia children singing | Օրրանի երեխաները երգում են

During the signing event kids performed for their future teachers from Coca‑Cola HBC Armenia. Children were excited; one of the kids approached the Company employees asking if they know any mathematics: “We used to have lots of people teaching us maths. It will be so great if you could help me with the tasks.”

Communication specialist Anahit Tunyan shared her excitement “I like working with kids. I want to motivate and empower them sharing success stories and skills. I believe everyone should have a fair starting point in life.”

The CCHBCA and Orran teams are sure that this new step in cooperation will strengthen their relations and contribute to their further development.