Discover how your favourite drink is produced and other secrets at our plant: the Happiness Factory.

Watching a soft drink production line in motion is like witnessing a performance. Bottles seemingly created from a thick layer of hot air gracefully run down to the filling station and then on to a slick moving platform for the final touches to be applied.

Now everyone can see the performance by visiting the Happiness Factory in Yerevan.

Students at Coca-Cola HBC Armenia Happiness Factory| Ուսանողները Կոկա-Կոլա ՀԲՔ Արմենիայի Երջանկության գործարանում
Students of UFAR at the Coca‑Cola Happiness Factory

The first person visitors see after passing through security and entering the plant is Ani - the plant tour host. We spent a day with Ani to discover what goes on during a plant tour.

The feeling of excitement is palpable in the air every time a new group of visitors appears. With a warm smile on her face Ani greets visitors and hands out yellow safety jackets. “Follow my lead, step only on the painted lines and look around you as you walk here.” Safety is number one priority at the plant.

Visitors of the Happiness factory | Երջանկության գործարանի այցելուները
Winners of EURO 2016 promo campaigns at the Coca‑Cola Happiness Factory

There are usually several stops during the tour: the branded area, production and the warehouse. During the tour the visitors find out about the Coca‑Cola brand and its history and also get to know about Coca‑Cola HBC Armenia.

Ani talks about Coca-Cola history | Անին պատմում է Կոկա-Կոլայի պատմության մասին
One of the most frequently asked question that I get is about the secret formula of Coca‑Cola. I explain that we receive the syrup in pre-prepared packages: that’s how the Coca‑Cola system works. They leave thinking that I knew the formula, but didn’t share it with them. Ani, Happiness Factory tour guide
  • 1,400 visitors in 2016
  • 1 plant at Tbilisi Highway 8/3, Yerevan
  • >6 years of plant tours
Coca-Cola HBC Armenia's General manager shows pre-forms during tour at plant | Կոկա-Կոլա ՀԲՔ գլխավոր տնօրենը գործարան այցելության ժամանակ ցուցադրում է նախաֆորմաները
Members of Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Armenia at the Coca‑Cola Happiness Factory

Depending on the type of visitor, Ani makes adjustments to the tour to make it interesting and useful for everyone. “Every tour is like the first tour for me. This is the first and maybe the only time people visit the plant, thus, it should go flawlessly. People should leave with the warmest and happiest of impressions, as well as a great deal of excitement so I feel proud for properly representing our brand. I see the result of my work when people share their feedback at the end of the visit.”

Students look at production line | Ուսանողները դիտում են հոսքագիծը
UFAR students at the Coca‑Cola Happiness factory

One of visitors, a student from the Faculty of Culinary Arts, shared his excitement with us. “This visit seemed to be endless. We had lively discussions, shared many interesting ideas, questions and answers, discoveries and jokes. We invited Ani to visit our faculty, so we can make some meals for her. She promised to bring Coca‑Cola because it is tastier together.”

The company's goals are to unite people, spread happiness and inspire a better future. This is what Ani  believes has been achieved after the tour.

"At the end of the tour, when I hear that people would like to work for us, I reckon that the tour was a success."

A new Visitors’ Centre will open by the end of 2017, using innovative technologies to provide an even better experience for everyone who visits - with happiness guaranteed.