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We have a world-class portfolio, including Coca-Cola, the best-known and biggest selling soft drink in history.


We produce, sell and distribute Coca‑Cola, the world's best known soft drink

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Explore our world-class portfolio of 11 brands, which we produce or import and distribute. Explore some of our high-quality brands here.

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We're committed to providing the right products, responsibly.

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Sparkling drinks

Sparkling drinks are the foundation of our business, from Coca‑Cola to Sprite and Schweppes.

Coca-Cola HBC Armenia still drinks | Կոկա-Կոլա ՀԲՔ Արմենիա չգազավորված ըմպելիքներ

Still drinks

Coca‑Cola HBC Armenia offers a wide range of still drink brands - from juices and iced tea to energy and soft drinks.

Bonaqua water bottles | Բոնակուա ջրի շշեր


Water is vital to our health. We offer Bonaqua - a local water with a standard mineral content.

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